St Thomas, we are a 5 Star Resourcesmart Victoria Sustainability school. The four areas of the Resourcesmart module are the responsibility of different areas of the school. They are Biodiversity, Water, Energy and Waste:


The Prep area oversees the Biodiversity module of the Resourcesmart schools in conjunction with their 5/6 buddies. At St Thomas we believe that first and foremost a love for our school’s natural environment and native habitat is instilled, and it starts with the prep students’ first year at school. The Biodiversity module is introduced mainly in conjunction with the curriculum in this area. The actual planting of trees and plants occur on National Tree day and in individual Snack Shack gardens. Clean ups occur in Snack Shack areas and Adopted Areas.


The Year 1/2 area are responsible for signage around the school to help reduce water waste. In first term they partake in lessons based on the waterways around the school including the school’s tanks and Frog Creek. This helps to ensure a love and curiosity is instilled so that children understand where their rubbish goes if they don’t dispose of it properly.


The 3/4 students oversee all components of the waste module, including collecting Visy bins fortnightly and the City of Greater Geelong rubbish bins each Thursday afternoon. All students are encouraged to bring nude food to school, and this is reinforced at the Prep Information evening. They also deliver and collect the chook and sheep buckets where food scraps go. The school also has worm farms in the 5 / 6 area into which leftover food scraps from the 5 / 6 area are placed.


The 5/6 students oversee the energy component of the Resourcesmart Program. They are responsible for signage to remind people to turn off lights etc. and monitor energy usage in areas such as the computer lab. The 5/6 students utilise their understandings when completing research tasks linked to their unit designing a sustainable house and along with other areas of the curriculum. They also present updates about sustainable energy practices at school assemblies.