Student Wellbeing
The wellbeing of all members of our school community is central to our school vision.
Our wellbeing philosophy is based on the gospel values of love, compassion, reconciliation, justice, tolerance and forgiveness.
At St Thomas’ school we believe that everyone has the right to be safe, feel safe and to learn and teach in a way which respects both their individuality and their ability to contribute to the life of our school community.

At St. Thomas’ we aim:

• To reflect Gospel values in our in our wellbeing policy.
• To foster high quality interpersonal relationships among students, staff, parents, parish and the wider community.
• To encourage the development of self discipline, responsibility and tolerance in our children.
• To allow children opportunities to value themselves and to experience well-being.
• To provide an environment that nurtures self esteem and promotes self-efficacy.
• To manage incidents in a consistent and positive manner ensuring that the dignity and rights of all concerned are maintained.

At St Thomas we will:

• Provide opportunities for children to develop resilience, and effective communication and problem resolution skills through the ‘You Can Do It’ program and supported by other programs such as “Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms.”
• Model and encourage calm, non-confrontational behaviour.
• Develop an intimate knowledge of our children in order to cater for their social-emotional as well as academic needs.
• Provide information to parents and link families to support networks when needed.
• Periodically revise and update this policy to keep in step with community expectations.
• Provide programs and activities that give children opportunities to explore their different talents and interests: Chess club, organized sport, gardening, sustainability group, school choir.



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