Annual Report


Our school continued in 2016 to offer children the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills necessary for today’s society. We continually challenge our pupils to build a more Christian community based on the Catholic way of life. The dignity and sacredness of each student is respected as the teachers work with parents to build up within the child an awareness of the presence of god,

The school year 2016 was very successful with our school excelling in many areas.

I would like to thank Fr James Puppady who as our Parish Priest is very supportive of our school speaking with classes weekly and being available to speak to staff and parents when necessary.  Thankyou to our Parents and Friends Association School Advisory Board, our parents, students and the wider community of St Thomas.  Without such generous support we simply would not be able to build and maintain such a vibrant and cohesive community.  We all should be proud of our involvement in all celebrations throughout the year, in our pastoral care work, our sporting and scholastic endeavours that demonstrate our community working successfully together.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all the staff for their hard work, professionalism and dedication throughout 2016. Many tasks were undertaken by staff that were outside the scope of their classroom  but were undertaken willingly for the benefit of the school community. We are fortunate indeed to have such a talented and generous staff at our school. 2017 promises to be equally as busy, challenging and rewarding.

The 2016 school year saw St Thomas undertake the School Improvement Review, surveying of teachers, parents and children to gain data that shows the direction of the school. The surveys are used to gain an insight into our culture and effectiveness.  Teachers, students and parents completed surveys that were developed and collated by Insight SRC. Under the guidance of reviewer Anne Killeen a School Improvement Plan for the next four years was formulated with the help of staff, parents and students.

I would like to thank all staff, children and parents who contributed to the data surveys enabling us to gather data that will inform the decisions for developing our School Improvement Plan and Annual Action Plan. A major step in moving forward with our school community will be the development of a new Vision and Mission Statement for St Thomas. Coming out of review we have planned to complete this in Term 1 2017 through consultation with all stakeholders in St Thomas.

The understanding of the sacraments is evident by the children’s participation in liturgical celebrations. This occurs across all age levels. Generally, the students are happy, compassionate and enthusiastic in their approach to everyday life at St Thomas.

St Thomas is truly a wonderful school environment that is  enhanced by all those involved in the day to day events which produce a very vibrant and welcoming community.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Kennedy


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