Romero Britto Inspired Portraits

Miss Alicia has worked with the 5/6s in Miss Ness’ room to create some amazing portraits after looking at a famous pop artist called Romero Britto. Romero’s work can be seen around the world and is very bright and simple in appearance. He has painted many portraits of celebrities and also decorates cars for Volvo, vases, teapots, travel bags and more.

Romero uses black to outline his pictures and then fills in each section with a different colour or pattern. Even though his pictures are simplistic they hold a strong resemblance to the person he is representing.

We used photos, plastic film, permanent markers and coloured textas to create our portraits. We traced our images onto plastic film, then A4 paper before decorating them with textas using a variety of colours and patterns. They will look great when they are framed up and ready for the art show.


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