Boomerang (your) Rubbish

Our school is a reflection of what is happening in the wider community. Many people are recycling, and many councils now have rubbish and recycling bins where people make choices as to which bin to use. Special events in and around the general and wider community also have recycling stations, and are reducing packaging that goes to landfill by using recycled materials.

We are trying hard at St Thomas to reduce our waste rubbish. We have recycling initiatives in place, established nude food days and Snack Shacks where the children eat their snack and lunch with a single bin to dispose of their rubbish. Since 2006 we have been encouraging nude food. On our Prep orientation nights we strongly encourage this, and as a result we have many rubbish free lunchboxes throughout the school.

In Term 4, we will be trialling a new initiative, ‘Boomerang rubbish’. The idea is that any packaging that comes to school will go home again and get disposed of at home. In Term 4, the Year 3/4 students will be trialling the idea. We would like every student to take home any packaging that they bring to school, and hopefully reduce the need for rubbish bins in the 3/4 area. If the idea works well, we are hoping to continue this initiative next year throughout the school.

We’d like to thank the 3/4 parents in advance with getting this initiative started. We hope for a successful Term 4 with no packaging in the 3/4 area, and a beautiful, rubbish free school!




The Year 3/4 students are collecting unused mobile phones for Zoos Victoria.
Zoos Victoria is committed to helping raise much needed funds for primate conservation and reduces the demand for conflict minerals, such as coltan, which is used in mobile phones.

Zoos Victoria is working with conservation partners, Gorilla Doctors, who are protecting gorillas in the wild by securing their numbers through medical care, saving a species one patient at a time. Funds generated through the refurbishment and resale of old mobile phones through our recycling partners, PhoneCycle, support both Gorilla Doctors who work in Africa and our own conservation programs.

We have a collection point set up in the foyer of the 3/4 new building, and are asking everyone to send along any old mobile phones lying about at home. Please send them along to help us help them.
Thanking you, Year 3/4 teachers and students 

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Clean Up St Thomas 2016

On 4th March we held our anual "Clean Up St Thomas Day". The Year 3 / 4 students audited the rubbish and came up with the following reminders:

  • If you see rubbish on the ground, please pick it up and put it in the correct bin.
  • Make sure rubbish bins are closed so that no rubbish gets out.
  • Bring Nude Food every day - not just on Tuesdays!
  • Always eat in the snack shacks.
  • Always put your rubbish in the bin.  Remember, any rubbish left lying around eventually makes it into the sea - "Take 3 for the Sea".

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Let's work together to make St Thomas a rubbish free school!

Bird Boxes

Bird Boxes allows wildlife to create homes within our school environment. They were made by our students for their Personalised Learning Projects.

We have Chooks!



The new chook house is up and running and now houses our chooks and roosters! Food scraps from recess and lunch go straight to them to keep them nice and healthy. The children love visiting the chooks! 

In the chook run we have nine different fruit trees growing, courtesy of the chook poo that came from the chooks that are fed with the food scraps that are left over after our lunch! A great example of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Victoria Schools’ Gardening Awards 


St Thomas Primary School were announced as the Regional Winner of the Schools' Gardening Award for the Barwon South West Region in 2011. An enormous effort went into maintaining our beautiful and unique grounds by our students, our staff and our wonderful parent volunteers who give up their time to help out.  

Wethen were announced as the best school ground in the entire state in October 2011! 

In 2012 we were once again announced as a regional winner for the Barwon South West Region. Because we won in 2011, we were not eligible for the state award.  

The program encourages school communities to utilise their gardens and grounds effectively, and supports the full development of every student. Indeed, the awards provide a great opportunity for students to explore fresh ideas in the face of climate change.





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