At St. Thomas’ we believe that the foundation to becoming lifelong learners is literacy. In this 21st century with its ever-changing technologies, it is essential that we strive to teach, support and guide our students to develop the skills necessary to fully participate and communicate in our world. We aim to foster in our students the enthusiasm to further develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.

 We do this :

• Using a 2 hour literacy block, using the whole class, small group, whole class model as well as integrating literacy throughout all aspects of the curriculum

• With explicit focussed teaching, building on the strengths and targeting the developmental needs of the individual student.

• Through exposure to a wide range of texts appropriate to our students’ age & the curriculum including guest speakers, websites, film, good children’s literature, gospel stories, information reports, newspaper articles, reviews, recipes, artwork.
• By providing our students with the library resource centre with an ever increasing range of books to stimulate reading choices and engage them in reading for enjoyment

• By continually encouraging our students to use their developing skills to communicate and express their own thoughts, feelings, ideas and ever increasing knowledge of the world to a variety of audiences such as their peers, classroom teachers, other classes to the whole school community and beyond. E.g. oral presentations, Power Point Presentations, stories, prayer, poetry, books, written reports, film, animation, visual displays.

• Through ongoing professional development of all staff so that we continue to provide the most effective literacy teaching and learning experiences based on the most current and well grounded research.

We also provide the Reading Recovery program for students in Year One who require extra support to develop the basic literacy skills. This is a twenty week one to one intervention program designed to help support our students to accelerate their learning to a level appropriate to their age.


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