Religious Education

Religious Education is at the centre of both the formal and informal curriculum at St. Thomas. While Religious Education is given paramount importance as a classroom subject, it also underpins the culture of our school where all members of our community are encouraged to live by the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. Our teaching of Religious Education is based on the Melbourne Archdiocese program, “To Know, Worship and Love”.

Walking to Church

The three main aspects of this program are:

To Know:

This area involves the explicit teaching of our religious traditions, stories and beliefs. In Years Prep to 2 we follow the Good Shepherd Experience.  Which has a strong focus on telling the stories of our tradition and the way our Church celebrates, prays and lives the Christian life. In Year 3 – 6 the learning and teaching approach in inquiry based. This involves students coming to a deeper understanding about God, themselves and their world. They do this through ongoing reflection on religious beliefs, examining the relevance of these beliefs in their daily lives and developing new ways of thinking and responding to the many questions that arise.

To Worship:

This area involves the prayer, sacramental and liturgical life of our school. It can vary from individual or classroom prayer to participation in our many wonderful whole school celebrations in our beautiful new church. It also includes formal Sacramental programs of Reconciliation (Year3), Eucharist (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6).

To Love:

This area involves living out the teachings of Christ in our daily lives. It involves treating others with love and respect at all times and has a strong focus on Social Justice.
At all times we recognise that faith development is a life long journey and that the family is the first educator of the child.


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