Physical Education

The major goals of the Physical Education Program at St Thomas is to provide for the physical development and personal health and fitness of students, and for the creative use of leisure time.

This involves the development of knowledge, skills, understanding and motivation required for students to seek health and physical competence through lifelong involvement in activity. To enable us to achieve this goal, we learn the fundamental skills of locomotion, ball control, throwing, tracking, kicking and striking.

Our affiliation with the Geelong and District Catholic Schools Sports Association enables the senior students to compete in a variety of sports. This can also lead to pathways for Barwon Region representation and beyond.

prep pe 

P.M.P. is a Perceptual Motor Skills Program which is taught in collaboration with our Physical Education Program.

It is taught to the children from Prep to Grade Two, once a week. The P.M.P. Program endeavours to develop the children’s co-ordination, along with the fine and gross motor skills that the children need to participate in the physical education program.

Through movement, the children also improve their fitness, locomotion and balance and we aim to improve their language skills and memory. Using teams we endeavour to build the children’s confidence in themselves and others.


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