St Thomas Primary School believes children develop at all different times and therefore we utilise a developmental, personalised approach and multi-age groupings to endeavour to cater for the individual child.

Classroom Organisation

At St Thomas we believe that multi-aged classrooms are an effective way to organise the school.  The design of our junior units and  our 3 / 4 and 5 / 6 learning areas, enabe team teaching to be possible. We try to create a “natural” social grouping, where children can play with, learn from, teach and share with each other.

Curriculum Statement

At St Thomas we follow the Religious Education Curriculum Framework and the Victorian Curriculum. Our multi-aged and integrated curriculum approach, involves a variety of teaching methods and learning styles. A developmental approach is adopted to meet the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of each child. We believe that the levels are not to be seen as a rigid structure – some will “achieve” levels later, some earlier.

As we plan the curriculum we take into account:-

  • The needs of the children at St Thomas Primary
  • The breadth and balance of what we are able to offer
  • The learning and teaching styles that are appropriate
  • The current policy guidelines
  • The priorities as designated by the School Improvement Plan
  • The School’s approach to assessment and reporting.

At present St Thomas Primary School has specialist teachers in:

  • Physical Education
  • Student Welfare
  • Special Needs
  • Music
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Perceptual Motor Skills
  • Reading Recovery
  • L.O.T.E - Italian
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